Sounding Board Service

In Northwestern Mutual's "Planning & Progress Study" from 2018, an alarming 54% of respondents reported anxiety as the most prevalent emotion when considering their financial situation. In similar fashion "money" was the number one stressor for 44% of respondents (more than 'personal relationships' and 'work').1  We know that many individuals do not have the either time, will or skill to manage their financial situation in a way that best contributes to achieving their financial goals. To help with this, we developed our Sounding Board Service. We make ourselves available as a sounding board to people who are unsure about their current advisor relationship or unsure of what their next financial step should be. 

It is not necessary to become a client to take advantage of this service. If you, or a friend, are interested in our Sounding Board Service, please contact our office.


Sylvania, Ohio

(419) 517-9100

Mark Klopfenstein, AIF®

Lukas Thill, Investment Advisor


1 "Planning & Progress Study 2018”. Northwestern Mutual. <>