Investment Consulting

SIA integrates its’ detailed understanding of our clients’ financial lives with investment strategies grounded in academic and scientific research.

Our investment process begins by assessing your goals and circumstances to collectively set long-term investment objectives.  Once we have agreed upon objectives we then design and implement a diversified solution that blends global investment strategies to a risk exposure fitting to your personality and objectives.

Our core beliefs in portfolio construction stem from the following principles:

  • Markets work – Every day buyers and sellers are seeking a fair price for investments based on available information.  Timing the markets to consistently outsmart the rest of the financial world is unlikely.
  • Diversification is key – Our solutions are structured to provide global exposure to multiple asset classes.  A diversified approach can neutralize the risks of having a portfolio focused in a few securities, or even a few asset classes.  Often times the risk associated with having an undiversified portfolio is not worth the reward.
  • Risk and return are related – There are specific types of risk for which there is an expected benefit.  In order to benefit from the returns that higher risk assets can deliver you will likely need to maintain a long-term perspective.  Creating the proper allocation to these risk factors tailored to your objectives is important.
  • Cost erodes returns – Because the day to day movement of markets is uncertain, we focus on taking advantage of the things within our control.  We can impact net returns by minimizing portfolio costs in the form of investment expenses, portfolio turnover, and investment taxes.

These principles are the basis for building and overseeing portfolios.  The portfolio specific to you will be determined by its purpose and function in your overall wealth management needs.